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Sacred Heart School

Academic Excellence Rooted in Faith

Our students thrive academically, spiritually and socially in a community dedicated to Academic Excellence.  Applications are being accepted online.  Just click on the link above. There is also Financial Aid information for those who qualify.

Our Mission

 The mission of Sacred Heart School is to maximize every student's academic potential and personal responsibility. Students are encouraged to believe in God, self, and others as they participate in experiences that enable them to become aware, respectful, and responsible Catholics willing to provide witness and service to Church and others.


Our parents love Sacred Heart School and want to share their experiences with you. The best way to learn about our school is to hear from those who have been part of the Sacred Heart family. Read below to learn why Sacred Heart means so much to the families whose children have benefited from a Sacred Heart education.

Sacred Heart School provides a loving, family environment for children. There are many active parents at the school who enrich the curricular and extracurricular activities. The principal and the teachers are extremely dedicated and creative. They engage the children beyond the textbooks. The 3rd grade social studies curriculum included the children making passports and simulating plane travel to imagine they were actually going to the countries they studied. When they "arrived" in each country, they created crafts, celebrated national holidays, and even put on cultural dress costumes, some the children made themselves. The fourth grade social studies unit on Colonial America include recreating a colonial village for the school. Each child had to select a trade, research it, and make materials in a "shop" they set up. My daughter will never forget her role as a milliner in the colonial village. She was very excited about each step in the preparation process. When the day finally came, the children had an absolute ball! They taught and learned from each other. The project was not costly, and the learning experience couldn't have been duplicated by simply reading about the colonial period. Finally, we have a wonderful pastor who is fully committed to providing SHS children with a first-rate education.

Esther Donohue

My time as "Lunch Lady" has been an incredible blessing in my life.  I have seen God's goodness in each teacher.  Spending time at Sacred Heart School is a treasure that will be with me forever.  Thanks to everyone!

Priscilla Van Aulen

SHS is the best. I feel that my children are safe and are receiving a wonderful education. They had made wonderful friends and the teachers and families are so caring. I couldn’t imagine my children anywhere else.

Karen McDonald

At Sacred Heart-Monroe they practice what they teach – the tradition, standards and teachings of the Catholic faith. Catholic education provides our child with a faith-based education in a safe loving environment. The faculty, staff and parents have become our community for the academic growth of our child and the foundation for her religious education which will be with her for the rest of her life.

Mary and Brian Finlay

Nick is having a great time at Sacred Heart in Monroe. All teachers are professional and caring. Sacred Heart School provides a safe environment and competitive curriculum. Sacred Heart really stands for values, education and faith!

Lourdes Memoli

I love SHS because we have a wonderful academic program. The children know the value of their education and are happy to be there. The teachers are loving and caring & really smart!

Kathleen Misciagna

I love this school because it instills values that I believe in. Every child is made to feel special. There is so much love and guidance provided. My daughters loves going to Sacred Heart School and can't wait for Mondays to come so they can go back and see all their friends and beloved teachers. They have thrived both academically and spiritually and truly enjoy going to school. ...

Donna Fenty

Sacred Heart School is a wonderful school to be involved with. I have been involved with this school for over 10 years now and would not send my children anywhere else.

Brian McDonald

Sacred Heart school in Monroe N.Y. is not just a great school because of its wonderful teachers, staff or the great principal, but more than that we are a family and are always there helping and supporting each other. The children are very respectful to everyone and taught values that every parent hopes to instill in their child. My children love the school and can't wait to go back and see their friends, even over summer vacation!! Class size is wonderful, academics are great and they offer various after school activities.

Dawn Lombardi

Sacred Heart School provides my children with a quality education that is encompassed with basic moral values and guidance. The school reinforces our home's standards and expectations. In addition, class sizes are small, learning the state standards are paramount, the importance of individual responsibility as well as learning and recognizing one's own strengths and weaknesses is a focus in the school setting which only fosters continued growth of students! Valuable education!

Adrianna Sigillo

Sacred Heart in Monroe is a great school with a creative and enthusiastic faculty, an extremely active parents' association, and a dedicated and caring administration. Our pastor is sincerely supportive of our school and you can find him there every day. He greets the children most mornings and sees them off onto the buses at the end of the day. We are very blessed to have him.